About Us

About Us

Situated in Windsor, East Side Shawarma has been serving high-quality quality Middle Eastern Food since it opened its doors. Family owned and operated since the beginning, the restaurant is now part of the history and culture of Windsor. There is an energy and flare to the place that cannot be captured in words. Whether it’s the tiny “hole in the wall” charm, the high paced/ high volume energy, or the dynamic clientele, going to East Side Shawarma can transform a meal into a unique dining experience.

What sets us apart from other Shawarma restaurants is our rich tradition and history as well as our commitment to excellence. Our philosophy is simple: authentic Middle Eastern Cuisine served in a traditional environment. Everything we serve is made from scratch using only the freshest natural ingredients, the finest imported spices, and our signature recipes.


Our passion for feeding people and our desire to producing an authentic and superior meal from natural clean ingredients gave birth to East Side Shawarma.


We are committed to a Chef driven menu, made from scratch, producing restaurant quality food in a fun quick-service setting the Windsor touch.


Caring about people and sharing exceptional food is our passion. Our job is to create a culture that spreads that passion to the community.